EASE Space: Let art touch life, and life is full of art. Committed to the dissemination of high-quality life aesthetics, OFY is a design company with artistic innovation and soft decoration implementation capabilities. Focusing on hotel clubs, real estate marketing centers, model houses, villas, residences, etc., providing interior design, soft furnishings, and customized services. The headquarters in Beijing has its own interior soft decoration design, product design, and manufacturing teams, and creative teams with close design cooperation in Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, and other places.


EASE has its own furniture brand, OFY Furniture, and manufacturing factory, with many years of experience in design, deepening, and customization. EASE relies on its own design product research and development, as well as global procurement of home art, to present its design ideas as they are. Cooperating with many well-known real estate developers and famous designers at home and abroad, we have won many design awards at home and abroad. Provide partners with one-stop, full-process, systematic solutions, enjoy good reputation in the industry, and help customers achieve business value.


  • 不停留于形式设计,注重内心的情怀与感悟

  • Don't stay in the form of design, pay attention to inner feelings and thoughts

  • 我们体现的是专业,缔造的是经典

  • We reflect is professional to create the classic

  • 唯有懂得生活,才能创造极致

  • Only understands the life, to create perfection