EASE艺烁空间让艺术烁动生活,生活充满艺术。公司致力于高品位生活美学的传播。创立于2009年,是欧菲旗下极具艺术创新和全球软装实现能力的国际设计公司。在巴黎、米兰、港台、深圳等地均有紧密设计配合的创意团队。总部北京自有资深专业室内软装设计、产品设计及制造团队一百多人。专注酒店会所、地产营销中心、样板房、高端住宅等,提供室内设计、软装陈设及顶级定制服务。EASE坚持作品的独创性:Only For You - 只为您,专属设计。


Ease art space enables art to move life, and life is full of art. The company is committed to the spread of high-grade life aesthetics. Founded in 2009, it is an international design company with great artistic innovation and global soft clothing realization ability under ORFI. In Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen and other places have a close design team. Beijing has more than 100 senior professional interior soft decoration design, product design and manufacturing teams. Focus on hotel clubs, real estate marketing centers, model houses, high-end residential, etc., provide interior design, soft furnishings and top-level customized services. Ease insists on the originality of the work: only for you - only for you, exclusive design.

Ease has its own furniture brand and manufacturing plant, with strong experience in design, deepening and customization. Ease relies on its own design product research and development, and global purchase of home art, so that the design idea can be reproduced as it is. Over the past 11 years, OFEI Yishuo has cooperated with many world top 500 companies such as China Railway, China Resources and other well-known real estate developers, famous design masters, etc. to create classic interior design works and products throughout 80 + cities at home and abroad, and won more than 100 domestic and foreign design awards. Provide one-stop whole process systematic solutions for partners to create high-quality design products, enjoy good reputation in the industry, and help customers realize business value.


2019年 亚太空间设计大奖赛 荣获 十大地产空间设计机构
2019年 荣获 CBDA2018中国设计年度人物 设计青年领袖奖杯
2019年 荣获 CBDA2018金鹰设计大赛机构金奖
2019年 荣获 CBDA2018年度最佳设计机构
2018年 荣获 中国软装设计 龍承奖
2018年 中国消费质量安全万里行诚信企业
2017年 德国German Design Award - Special Mention
2016年 英国SBID International Design Awards - Finalist
2016年 中国CBDA装饰设计奖评审中 最具影响力设计机构
2016年 中国CIID第四届陈设艺术邀请赛 - 文化传承银奖
2016年 中国国际空间设计大奖·艾特奖 最佳会所设计提名奖


  • 不停留于形式设计,注重内心的情怀与感悟

  • Don't stay in the form of design, pay attention to inner feelings and thoughts

  • 我们体现的是专业,缔造的是经典

  • We reflect is professional to create the classic

  • 唯有懂得生活,才能创造极致

  • Only understands the life, to create perfection